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COVID-19 DAILY Briefing

Not sure where to access relevant information on COVID-19? Join CENTIPEDE for the COVID-19 DAILY Briefing....

Join the COVID-19 DAILY Briefing

The CENTIPEDE COVID-19 DAILY Briefing includes information specifically for in-home care providers.

Join the CENTIPEDE DAILY Briefing for the information you need now.

  • M-F 4:00pmCST/5:00pmEST.
  • Sign up to receive the call information and daily slide decks and recording links.

“Thank you CENTIPEDE for coordinating PPE. This is a life saver…literally.”

Michigan Home Care Provider

“It is nice to know that Adult Day is valued and that you are thinking about ways to keep us going. I gained valuable information and also gained validation that I am on track with my current thinking!”

Pam B., Executive Director

“Thanks so much for the DAILY BRIEFING I feel like I have the information I need.”

Florida Home Care Agency
“CENTIPEDE is my go to for COVID-19 information and tips on how to prepare. Thank you CENTIPEDE!”
Virginia Home Care Provider

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Accessing PPE today can be a bit like hunting for buried treasure. CENTIPEDE has established the PPE Pipeline for In-home care providers.

Join the PPE Pipeline Report

CENTIPEDE is here to help.

We are buying larger orders of PPE that can be split and shipped to providers of all sizes from 1 employee to 100.

Join the CENTIPEDE PPE Pipeline and receive daily updates on available PPE from CENTIPEDE and how to obtain the PPE needed to keep your staff and members safe.


Join CENTIPEDE… 3 Ways to Grow Your Pie

Easy peasy...

Let's work together to change lives.

Making things easier...

Healthcare is complex. As an in-home provider this can be confusing. At CENTIPEDE we simplify things.

The benefit to you is a partner who is excited about the work you do and wants to help you grow your business as we create more access to quality support services nationally.


Training and Support...

Helping you and your team thrive.

Personalized for You...

Part of the CENTIPEDE mission is to provide education and assistance, one-on-one, peer-to-peer , on-demand you name it. We love to help and are just a phone call away.

The benefit to you is personalized training for you and your team plus access to experts in healthcare and support services.  


Grow Your Pie...

Just One Contract.

Ahhh Simplicity...

At CENTIPEDE we believe in you and quite simply our goals are to help you grow your business AND help members.

The benefit to you is partnership focused on your success, new business opportunities and a shared goal of creating value for our communities.

CENTIPEDE Credentialed Provider Logo

Credentialed Provider – A Mark of Excellence

Who can join the CENTIPEDE Health Network?

Great question. CENTIPEDE contracts with organizations that provide in-home services and community supports (LTSS/HCBS/SDOH).

Below is a partial list of service and supports in our network however this can change on a state-by state basis. Not on the list? Email us.

  • Adult Day Health
  • Assistive Technology
  • Case Management/Service Facilitation
  • Chore/Homemaker
  • Community Based Services
  • Custom DME
  • DME
  • Enteral/Parenteral Nutrition
  • Environmental/Home Modifications
  • Home Health (Skilled/OT/PT/ST)
  • Home Delivered and Congregate Meals
  • Personal Care
  • PERS (Personal Emergency Response)
  • Pest Control
  • Private Duty Nursing
  • Respite Care (In Home, Out of Home, Vacation)
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Vehicle Modifications
  • Transportation

Isn’t the name “CENTIPEDE” a little unusual?

Unusual is a great word…as an adjective it means: out of the ordinary; uncommon; extraordinary.
Wouldn’t you say that it’s time to be out of the ordinary, uncommon and extraordinary in health care delivery?

The CENTIPEDE logo illustrates 100 ways to better health a LIFE COORDINATED… we’re passionate about connecting the dots to create relationships and service access for our providers, patients and payors to deliver “help care”!

On the road with CENTIPEDE…

We are healthcare with a little bit of rock ‘n roll located in Franklin, just a few miles from Nashville, TN.
Whether the team is driving the roads of VA in the CENTIPEDE bus or helping to define standards for home modifications and pest management Team CENTIPEDE is all in…join us.

P.S. That’s our ride below. Let us know if you want to go on the road with CENTIPEDE, you can be a healthcare roadie.

Payors It’s Time to Give Your Members What They Want… “Help Care”

CENTIPEDE COVID-19 Daily Briefing

April 11th, 2020|

Welcome! Given the current uncertain environment CENTIPEDE has started the [...]

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