A National Provider Identifier (NPI) is a required element for participating in the CENTIPEDE Health Network. There is no cost to obtain an NPI and you will generally receive your NPI number in approximately 1 business day after applying.

Before you get started, ensure that you know the name utilized for filing your taxes. You want to create a consistent name tying your legal name to your NPI.

Most CENTIPEDE Providers are Organizations. Organizations obtain an Entity Type 2 NPI and not an Entity Type 1 NPI.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Instructions: Use the following links and guidance to obtain your NPI.

  1. Go to the NPI website https://nppes.cms.hhs.gov/#/

    Create an Account
    NPPES website create an account

  2. Next enter the Correct Information for an Entity Type 2 for your Organization.

    Tip: A Type 1 NPI is for licensed individuals who render direct care to patients; e.g., physicians, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, pharmacists,physical therapists, etc.

  3. Choosing Your Taxonomy is Important. Taxonomy describes the services you provide.

    Accuracy is important and can be a little confusing. You can look-up taxonomy using the following link https://nex12.org/images/PDF/Taxonomy_20_0.pdf

    TIP: Taxonomy codes are ten characters in length, alphanumeric in nature and always end with the letter X. The first four characters of a taxonomy code indicate its Level 2 Classification. The middle five characters vary depending on the Level 3 Area of Specialization.

    For simplicity, we’ve also compiled the most frequent taxonomy codes used for CENTIPEDE Providers:

    Adult Day Health: 261QA0600X
    Assistive Technology Supplier: 225CA2500X
    Case Manager/Care Coordinator: 171M00000X
    Case Management: 251B00000X
    Chore Provider: 372500000X
    Home Health: 251E00000X
    Home Delivered Meals: 332U00000X
    Homemaker: 376J00000X
    Contractor: 171W00000X
    Contractor-Home Modification: 171WH0202X
    Contractor-Vehicle Modification: 171WV0202X
    Personal Care: 3747P1801X
    Respite Care: 385H00000X
    Pest Control: 171W00000X

  4. Complete and Submit.

    Well done! You will receive a registration notification once the NPI submission is approved. Save this documentation and keep your address and contact information current.

  5. Updates

    If your Organization adds additional services you can add NEW Taxonomies to your existing NPI. You do not need to request a new NPI unless you wish to bill these services separately.