Software is both a magical and confounding invention. You are likely reading this because you are having problems with the PCH Portal.

So let’s get started and begin at the beginning. The key to successful PCH Portal access is ensuring you are on a SUPPORTED and CURRENT web browser.

Important Note: The PCH Portal online billing software is provided by OPTIMA Health to contracted providers free of charge for single claim billing. Excela is the software developer for the PCH Portal. CENTIPEDE simply provides support and troubleshooting for the CENTIPEDE-OPTIMA providers who need help.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues the issue is likely related to your browser:

  • Slow Speed
  • Elements or tabs not present
  • Buttons not working
  • Changes aren’t showing up

Time needed: 2 minutes

Browser Troubleshooting: Use the steps below to troubleshoot your browser.

  1. Use the correct browser. The PCH Portal plays well with Internet Explorer and Chrome. If you are using Firefox or Safari the software will not operate as expected.

    PCH Portal Supported Browsers

  2. Ensure that you are using Chrome or Internet Explorer.
    Now check your version by clicking on the following link

    This site will tell you if you are on a current version of your browser. If your browser version is too old, that too can cause problems with software and also creates security issues.

    If your browser is not current or not supported take a moment and update your browser.

    Remember its important to use ONLY the supported browsers Chrome and Internet Explorer AND ensure you are using a current version of the browser.
    Use only Chrome and Internet Explorer