Yikes you’ve been locked out of the PCH Portal, it’s after hours and need to submit claims. Not a problem, take a deep breath and follow these instructions to reset your password by yourself.

First enter the email address you used to create your PCH Account. You must use the same email address that is tied to the account.

If you correctly enter your email address you will receive the image below and a Reset email will be sent to your email from Pchglobal.Support@exelaonline.com in a minute or less. If you don’t receive an email its likely held up in your spam filter.

Good job you entered a correct email. Now check your email to reset your password.

Now – its time for a reset! A web browser should open taking you to the PCH portal. Your user name should already be filled in on the login page.

Click on the RESET button in the email.

Select a password and enter in the Password field. Your password must be at least 7 characters. Re-enter your selected password in the Confirm Password field.

If your passwords match you will receive the Success screen below.

Congrats! Your password is reset – now login.

Make a note of your username and password for future use. Bookmark this page so that you can easily return to it for future login.

TIP: Also save the link elsewhere on your computer in case the bookmark does not work.

Now click the Login button to login to the system. Ta Da! You are in business. The Screen will open to the dashboard page below.

You are ready to roll!

Fear not, if you encounter problems you can always reach out to the CENTIPEDE Team at joincentipede@heops.com or call CENTIPEDE at 855-359-5391.