The contracting process starts with your W-9 form. Getting this right helps ensure your entire provider file is correct, which means faster payment and access to more members. Below is a guide on how to complete a W-9 right the first time.

Line 1 and Line 2: Business Name

Line 1 is the name used for filing Business taxes. Line 2 is your DBA or “doing business as name”.

Example: Line 1: Jane Smith Line 2: Supreme Home Health LLC

Sample W9 Name, Tax Class and Address
Sample W9 Name, Tax Class and Address

Next… Choose your TAX Classification.

In the above example, Jane Smith dba Supreme Home Health LLC is an LLC structured as a Partnership (two people). In this scenario, you would check LLC AND insert P for Partnership. An LLC always has a Tax Classification and is either a C Corporation, an S Corporation or a Partnership.

TIP: If the LLC is only one person it’s a “Solo” LLC and you would check the first box for Individual/sole proprietor or single-member LLC and leave the LLC line blank. If you are uncertain, consult your accountant.

Next… Enter your address. This will be the address where PAYMENTS are sent.

PART 1: Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Enter the number used for BUSINESS Taxes. Enter only 1 number.
DO NOT enter both your SSN AND EIN.

PART II: Certification (Signature and Date

Remember to sign AND Date your W9. Best practice is to keep a current W9 ready at all times. Do not send in a W9 that is over 180 days (6 months) old.

Good job! That’s it.

TIP: Any time your organization name changes, your TAX ID Number changes or you move send CENTIPEDE a new W9 before the event occurs so that we can start the change process.

If your W9 is not accurate… your payments will be impacted.

May the force be with you.