What is the CENTIPEDE Health Network?

The CENTIPEDE Health network is a national network of in-home services and supports providers that assist patients in achieving and maintaining independence, improved health status, timely and quality access to care. We believe that people dream about life not health and we want to help create “Life Coordinated”.

Why Should I Join CENTIPEDE?

Centipede is a mark of excellence that provides patients and their families with the comfort of knowing that they have access to the best providers available through their health plans. Becoming part of the CENTIPEDE Health Network allows you to be part of just a single provider network rather than signing up with each health plan individually. This will save you time on credentialing/provider enrollment and provides you with a single contact for assistance – CENTIPEDE.

What does Participation Cost?

There is no cost for a provider to participate in the CENTIPEDE Health Network. Providers apply and if there is network need in the area and the provider meets Credentialing requirements providers are accepted into the network.
Reputable health networks do not charge providers participation fees.

  • CENTIPEDE is not a paid referral network like you may see advertised on television and radio.
  • CENTIPEDE is a health network that health plans, self-insured employers, long term care, ACO’s, Medicare Advantage Plans and Medicaid MCO’s access rather than building their own network of providers. This saves time and money while providing access to the nation’s best network of home and community-based providers and ancillary providers.

How Will Patients be Referred to Me or My Organization?

Health plans, self-insured employers, workers comp insurance, long term care plans and others will contract with CENTIPEDE to access all or some of the providers in our network based upon the benefits that are covered. You will be listed as a participating provider and will be referred members who need access to your services. CENTIPEDE will work with these organizations to help ensure that service requests are authorized and approved in advance where possible.