Marketing, Links and Logo Usage

Congratulations on achieving CENTIPEDE CREDENTIALED PROVIDER status.

CENTIPEDE has established a proprietary credentialing framework that follows NCQA standards and also incorporates key criteria monitored by CENTIPEDE on a state by state basis.  As a CENTIPEDE Credentialed Provider you have achieved one of the highest levels of Credentialing possible for an in-home services and supports provider. Additionally you and your organization have joined the most robust network of providers focused on “help care”.  Again,  congratulations.

Our goal, like yours, is to help individuals get the help they need and want to live the life they want. We call this “Life Coordinated”.

Recognition. We encourage you to publicize your achievement and have developed the following Marketing, Links and Logo Usage Guidelines to help you achieve recognition in the marketplace.

These Marketing Guidelines include how to market your achievement, appropriate language to incorporate into your marketing, advertising materials and helpful ideas to get you started.

Refer to these guidelines when you are looking for appropriate language to communicate your program specific recognition.

IMPORTANT: Open these guidelines and read the terms of use and access approved language. If you have questions feel free to email the CENTIPEDE team.

CENTIPEDE Logo and Marketing Guidelines.


CENTIPEDE Health Network Logo – Color

CENTIPEDE Health Network Logo – BW


CENTIPEDE Credentialed Provider Logo

CENTIPEDE CREDENTIALED Provider Logo – For EPS – send a request to marketing.

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